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   "Peace of mind first ... all else will follow."                                 ~ TLS ~



"Look deep into nature,

and then you will understand everything better."

 ~ Albert Einstein


For Terri, the beauty and mystery of the natural world nourishes her soul. She cannot imagine life without this connection. In this light, gardening, outdoor activities and travel are all important in addressing the needs of her mind, body and spirit. Additionally, music, reading and writing are also integral to nourishing and sustaining her well being.

With balance as one of her primary mantras, Terri equally enjoys and needs, both stillness and action, being and doing. Through experiential learning, she has found that striking this balance creates the foundation for enhancing her capacity for self awareness, empathy and peace.

Terri has been a NYS clinical social worker for the past 25 years working with adults and seniors in the community. She earned a BA in Psychology, with a minor in Philosophy and holds a Master’s degree in Social Work. She held a private practice for 17 years that included alternative therapies as well as conducting individual retreats. She has also worked at a nursing home with seniors to improve memory function and at a residential treatment facility as 
​a consultant on a federal research project. To add to her professional tool box, Terri became a trained instructor to facilitate Guided Autobiography classes.
For the past 2 years, she worked for a private family as a personal assistant.

​Terri has worked closely with various types of people to help them navigate through challenging times. The majority of her work has involved seeing people in their natural settings, which she believes is a more personal and genuine approach to building relationships.

Each person has their own unique style of connecting, communicating and responding to the world around them. Terri's academic training, combined with her international travel experiences, have increased her capacity to foster meaningful connections with a variety of people. Her personal and professional life experiences, her open mind, sense of humor and respectful and easy going nature can quickly put one at ease.
 Terri has the drive, confidence and passion to create opportunities that can offer support, encouragement and enrichment. She feels there are many possibilities to promote well being and a sense of purpose. Whether it's helping with writing your Life Story, facilitating connections, or walking in a park, Terri wants to help you fully engage with life. With her warm and lighthearted spirit she will meet you exactly where you are, unconditionally.

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